Hi, my name is Robin Schoenbaechler. I’m a Swiss Designer, currently working with the Wikimedia Foundation (previously iA). I help organizations build digital products and services, focus on the essential and tell engaging stories.

Robin Schoenbaechler | Swiss Designer

In my previous work as an employee and freelancer I designed user experience and managed projects for clients such as the United Nations, Red Bull, Monotype and Swatch. Please contact me in order to receive a complete portfolio.

If I don’t follow a white rabbit in the Matrix, I travel through five-dimensional space, swim and surf the five oceans (which btw., cover ~71% of Earth’s surface), snowboard the Swiss alps or read a good book somewhere in a café.

If you’re interested in optimizing your digital strategy or want to get to know me better, drop me a line by Email or say “Hi” on Twitter.